HDR Portrait Tutorial

Introduction to Writing for Interactive Media

Almost any portrait can be turned into an HDR. As shown above, the before picture featured was a little shaky but we made it HDR. The following tutorial will give a step-by-step of my process, and you can follow along by downloading the photo given inside the tutorial or you your own(results may vary).

To follow along at your own pace, download the .pdf here

*After the .pdf has loaded, please hit the download button, please open in adobe acrobat

The quick video version is below

Begin by downloading the original photo and opening it in photoshop.

In photoshop we will start by making the photo as HDR as possible.

At the top, select Image>Adjustments>HDR Toning

Fill in the following with:
Radius: 90
Strength: 1.05
Gamma: -1.79
Exposure: -1.04
Detail: +57
Saturation: +1
Select ok

Now we have a nice Image but lets make it look more realistic and dramatic.

At the top, select Filter>Camera Raw Filter

Fill in the following with:

Contrast: +34
Highlights: -47
Shadows: -11
Whites: +38
Blacks: -13
Clarity: +40
Vibrance: -33
Saturation: +3
Select ok

Lets add some separation between the subject and background.

At the top, select Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur

Change the Radius to 9.3
Select ok

Create a Layer Mask on Background copy

Fill the Layer Mask with Black

Select a Medium Brush with 25% Hardness

Brush white behind the subject on the Layer Mask until satisfied

You are all done congrats.