A Quick Cut

Introduction to Writing for Interactive Media



We FADE IN to an aggressive barbershop pole, twirling round and round.

DANIEL, a 16-year-old insecurely robust kid with a history of bad haircuts and disappointment, walks through the front door of the barbershop.



Daniel apprehensively grabs a chair while taking mild stares.

CARMEN, the barber with an endless smile, calls over to Daniel from the counter.

Please write your name on the sign-in sheet sweety.

Oh yeah, I forgot.

Daniel speeds to the counter to write his name and then speeds back to his seat to sit anxiously.

BECKY, a 23-year-old with enough energy and sass to power a small city, glances over the list of names and calls out to the seating.

Daniel, I can help you over at station #4. Over at station #4 please, Daniel?

Daniel stands up and walks toward Becky with faint embarrassment as he is lead toward station #4 to have a seat.

What can I do you for boo?

Daniel takes a seat.

Can… Can I get a medium fade with a 1 on sides and…. a little off the top, please? Not too much!

(with confidence)
Sure boo, you know I got you.

Daniel gives a faint smile.

Becky places the smock over daniel and starts cutting away until her cell RINGS.

(speaking into the phone)
Yah this is her. Who is this?… I don’t know no Jeremy…Hold on a minute…I got to take this boo (looking at Daniel)

Becky heads to the back room.

Daniel twiddles his thumbs assured everyone is looking at him. Without making an effort, he makes eye contact with a woman in the waiting area, he looks away instantly. He makes eye contact with another man, getting a hair cut right in front of him. He looks back down at the floor immediately.

Becky returns with a huge smile on her face. She begins to continue on his hair.

Sorry about that, these bustas don’t stop hollering.

An awkward feeling grows over Daniel, he doesn’t know if he should respond.

It’s Friday night boo, got any plans tonight? I know you don’t need an occasion to get a fresh cut and look all fine baby but let’s be real, you taking hunnies out tonight right?

(caught off guard)
Oh no no no, I am not doing anything tonight, I-

(cuts Daniel off)
Boo, stop playing you need to get out and show off this new do, I am about to give you. Ladies going to want you, men going to envy you, trust.

Daniel smiles with optimism and excitement.

Alright boo, I am all about done.

Daniels chair is turned around face-to-face with the mirror, he slowly begins to internalize his unbelief, his eyes widen. It’s far worse than he expected.

(lying with a twitchy smile)
I like it!


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